About Us

Modern Zen CBD was founded by entrepreneur and fitness coach Graciela Hagedorn in 2019. Graciela(Grace) is going for her Masters in Forensics Science, has bachelors a degree in Criminology/ Sociology with an associates degree in Business and Public Relations.  

In 2011, she moved from New York to Colorado in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a forensics investigator. Based out of Pueblo, Colorado , Graciela has been driven by a passion for comfort in fashion partnered with promoting a good cause. Using her platforms as a lifestyle blogger, and instagram influencer, she is also an advocate for Colitis and Chrons awareness. As someone who lives with and edures the effects of Colitis, Graciela is a voice showcasing silent disease. Modern Zen CBD is a range of locally produced CBD topical products to nourish the body and soul. 10% of all proceeds from sales at Modern Zen CBD will be donated to to foundations and charities supporting Crohns/ Colitis. Modern Zen will support other causes by releasing products geared towards bringing awareness to the various issues near and dear to MZ Team, and donating 10% of proceeds from these collections to their affiliated foundation.